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Optimizing performance
for Elite Student

Nutrition Counseling at Elite Sports Academy



Excellence at sports requires more than practice. Lifestyle changes play a big role in fitness, which is why the holistic approach of Elite Sports Academy includes nutrition counseling alongside our personal training and academic tutoring program. Together, these lessons combine to help our student athletes achieve top performance and lay the foundation for future success.

Looking At The Big Picture

We are committed to helping young athletes achieve their highest potential, both on the field and in the classroom. Many of our students have ambitions of playing sports professionally or attending college on an NCAA scholarship – and everything in our program is designed toward helping make these dreams a reality.

Instead of paying separately for tutoringpersonal training and nutrition counseling, why not choose the integrated approach offered at Elite Sports Academy of Albuquerque?

A Balanced Look At Nutrition And Health

Because we advocate healthy food choices as part of an overall lifestyle, we don’t ascribe to any particular diet. Instead, we arm our young students with knowledge about balanced, clean eating and good nutrition – the foundations of lifelong healthy habits.

And by providing this nutrition component alongside a comprehensive athletic training program, we can show our students first-hand how important healthy choices are for improving overall fitness and performance.


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