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Elite Sports Academy offers a uniquely holistic approach to student athletic development. Rather than focusing just on sports performance, we work to improve the student’s overall fitness, attitude, coachability and academics.

Our goal is to help students achieve their dreams, whether that means making the grade to stay in school sports or attending college on an NCAA scholarship. Many of our students have gone on to play sports at the collegiate level – and a big part of their success comes from academic tutoring to boost scholastic achievement.

Social Studies Tutoring

We offer tutoring in social studies and other core subjects to students ages 8 to 18. Our program teaches age-appropriate curriculum and addresses the individual challenges and needs of each student. All tutoring is conducted by APS-certified tutors.

Subjects we can help with include:

  • History

  • Geography

  • Government/Economics


Our social studies tutoring works alongside tutoring in other core areas like MathScience and English to provide students with solid foundational skills that will serve them well if they decide to pursue higher education.

A Holistic Approach To Student Development

We are the only program in New Mexico to provide an athletic development program that incorporates both physical training and academic tutoring. By focusing on both areas, we can help students improve their athletic abilities while boosting scholastic achievement – and the combined cost of our program makes it much more affordable than seeking separate personal training and tutoring.

To learn more about our program, or to enroll your child with our academy, contact us today!

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