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Special Events and Gym Rental



The primary use of the Elite Sports Academy facilities is for recreational and educational purposes, or any functions or activities that are pre-approved by Elite Sports Academy directors. However, individuals and groups may rent the gym and facilities for different functions and events. All rentals are subject to approval by the Elite Sports Academy Management.  Facilities are available for rental on all days that are available.

  • No rental shall begin earlier than 5 AM nor will it end after 11:59 PM

  • Rental is available for 1.5 hours minimum per time slot for the Gym

  • A one hour minimum for the classrooms/fitness areas.

  • Any rental over the minimum time, will be pro-rated to the half hour.

  • Facilities must be entirely vacated within 15 minutes of the end of the rental agreement time, or an additional half-hour rental fee will app

Rental Rates:

Standard Rate: $70 per hour
Volleyball addition: $5 per hour
Game Rental: $150 per hour OR $50 per hour and Elite Sports Academy will charge a door charge to spectators.

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An individual or group may request the use of the Elite Sports Academy by contacting the Elite Sports Academy Management directly. Rental of the facility is offered at the full discretion of the ESA Management. All required agreements and all rent paid in full prior to use of the facilities. (Unless a separate agreement has been entered between rental party and ESA Management)

Extra Equipment:

Elite Sports Academy will not provide any equipment other than the rims, nets or fixed items necessary for the execution of the rental.  If any other equipment is needed (i.e. balls/chairs/tables) it will be up to the renter to bring in any extra equipment and prior permission of the director is required.

Maintenance of space:

It is hereby agreed that the rental space will be left exactly as it was delivered to said renter. This means renter is responsible for cleanup of trash, restoring any furniture that was removed/displaced or making immediate notice to the onsite director of any damage to the facility.  If this maintenance is not kept, then the resulting consequences are below:

1st occurrence: $50 fine

2nd occurrence: $100 fine

3rd occurrence: Termination of rental agreement

If Damage occurs: it is the responsibility of the renter to repair/replace any damage to the facility within 5 working days of the damage being discovered. Termination of the contract may occur at Elite Sports Academy discretion.  If termination is determined, there will be no refund of unused portion of contract.


Termination of Contract by Renter:

Renter can request cancellation of dates and refund in the following manner:

30 days’ notice:    Full refund

15 days’ notice:    ½ refund

7 days’ notice:     no refund

Termination of Contract By Elite Sports:

Elite Sports Academy can terminate any contract due to the facility not being used as previously agreed, terms of contract not being adhered or any situation where the authorities have to get involved due to the negligence of the party renting the gym.  This termination is immediate and will have no refund.

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