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Sports-Specific Athletic Training and Development


Elite Sports Academy is committed to helping New Mexico’s student athletes reach their full potential – both on the field and in the classroom. We provide personal training to improve athletic performance, focusing both on overall fitness as well as honing sports-specific skills.

All of our personal trainers are licensed, and many have personal experience playing sports at a divisional college or professional level, providing them with the knowledge to offer quality coaching and personal development for our students. Owner Chester Fuller attended college on a sports scholarship himself and has been committed to helping youth pursue the same dream.

Developing Sports-Specific Skills

General athleticism is an important part of excelling in sports, but it is only one part of being a successful athlete. Our sports-specific training focuses on discrete, valuable skills needed for excellence in a given sport in order to hone reflexes and improve form. Our focus is on any sport played at the NCAA level, particularly those sports that can provide collegiate scholarship opportunities. These include:

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Cross Country

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Gymnastics

  • Lacrosse

  • Soccer

  • Softball

  • Tennis

  • Track & Field

  • Volleyball

  • Wrestling

Our sports-specific training goes deeper than what your child may learn during regular sports practice. We choose specific skills and isolate them so they can be practiced until they become second nature, improving a student’s overall athletic ability in that sport.

A Holistic Approach To Student Development

While other personal training services may offer some sports-related skills, there is no program in New Mexico that offers the type of holistic student development we pride ourselves on at Elite Sports Academy. With sports-specific training, general fitness training, and scholastic tutoring, we are here to help students excel.

To learn more about our athletic development program, visit this page of our site, or just contact us! We’ll be happy to answer your questions, arrange a tour of our facility, and help you decide if our program is right for your young athlete.

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