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Strength Training and Plyometrics for Athletes



Athletic success depends more on hard work and practice than talent – and at Elite Sports Academy, we are committed to helping young athletes reach their full potential. We are a holistic program providing both athletic training and academic tutoring to help students ages 8 to 18 excel in the classroom and on the playing field.

Owner Chester Fuller and his team of personal trainers all have experience playing sports at a higher level and/or coaching youth. We know what it takes to help our young clients reach their full potential!

Strength Training And Plyometrics

We offer a combination of weight lifting, resistance-based strength training, and plyometrics – also called jump training. The goal of plyometrics is to improve both speed and strength; these are exercises completed at short intervals that challenge muscles to exert maximum force, increasing power. They are a great full-body workout for sports performance.

Our athletic training program is designed to improve a student’s overall fitness and athleticism. We focus on proper form and establishing foundational skills that can be built upon for athletic prowess at any sport. Our commitment to proper technique and consistent practice also helps to guard against potentially devastating sports injuries.

Our Training Program

Our training sessions are overseen by professional personal trainers, most of whom have hands-on experience in coaching youth or playing sports at a collegiate or professional level.

Each session incorporates a combination of: sports-specific training; aerobic activity for speed, agility, and endurance; and strength training. Training sessions last for approximately 50 minutes and are offered in conjunction with a 50-minute academic tutoring session. We can meet with your child up to 8 times per month, at the low price of just $200 per month when you sign up for one year!

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