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Weight Training



Elite Sports Academy is committed to helping student athletes boost their performance and reach their goals – whether that means playing at the professional level or just staying competitive in school sports. We offer a combination of academic tutoring and sports-minded personal training services to help kids reach their fullest potential on and off the court.

Our personal training sessions, taught by owner Chester Fuller and other certified personal trainers, incorporate aerobic exercise, sports-specific practice, and strength training to improve power, endurance, agility and reflexes.

Strength Training Program

Our facility is a renovated former Boys and Girls Club, and we have ample space for training tools and equipment. In addition to our gymnasium, we have a weight lifting area and tools for resistance training in order to offer a full, well-rounded weight training program to our students.

We focus on appropriate technique and form to ensure maximum effectiveness of each exercise and reduce the likelihood of injury. Weight training also helps to strengthen muscles, bones, and connective tissues, helping to prevent sports injuries.

A Holistic Approach To Athletic Development

Our program is the only one in the state to offer holistic sports and academic training. We do more than improve a student’s level of fitness; we work to boost athletic performance, coachability, attitude, and scholastic achievement.

Our training sessions are available up to 8 times per month or twice a week, and combine 50 minutes of academic tutoring with 50 minutes of physical training. Learn more about our program here, or just contact us with questions! We’ll be happy to schedule a tour of our facility or answer your questions to help you decide if our program is right for your child.

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